Location: Capulets house Characters: Nurse,Juliet The scene started with Juliet waiting for Romeo to come home.The nurse comes to Juliet and brings bad news, she tells Juliet that Tybalt has been killed and Romeo killed him an that the prince has banished him from Verona. But Juliet takes Romeos side as it is her Husband […]

Characters:Romeo,Tybalt,Benvolio,Mercutio,Officer,Prince,Capulet,Lady Capulet,Montague,Lady Montague Tybalt is trying to find Romeo to fight him,because he wants to get back at him for crashing the Capulet party.Mercutio stands up for Romeo because Romeo doesn’t want to fight because he’s a lover not a fighter.Mercutio draws his sword on Tybalt and they start fighting,Romeo tries to stop them but […]

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