4th May 2017

Act 4, scene 2 & 3

Act 2

Nurse,Juliet,lady Capulet,serving man,Capulet

Juliet apologies to her father and promises to him that he will obey him saying ” Pardon, i beseech you! henceforward I am ever ruled by you. and marry Paris.The weeding day is moved forward to Wednesday.

Act 3

Juliet, Lady Capulet

Juliet is in her bedroom thinking about the drug.Juliet is scared that the drug Friar gave her could kill her,and she thinks that when she wakes up she will be frightened by all the dead bodies of her relatives and start playing with their bones.”Romeo,Romeo,Romeo! Heres drink -I drink to thee.” She falls on her bed after drinking the potion.

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