American english vs New Zealand english

Drug store pharmacy
bathrobe Dressing gown
soda Soft drink
Freeway motorway
yard section
Bay carrage pram
attorney Lawyer
closet wardrobe
Trash can Rubbish bin
Plastic wrap gladrap
sidewalk footparth
flipflops jandals
Elementray school Primary school
thumbtack Drawing pin
biro pen
Parking lot Car park
Gaming rooms Pokie bars
mpr National radio
undershirt singlet
diaper nappies


Chuck wagon diner Pie cart
shades blinds
Kitchen bench Kitchen bench
Clothes pin Bobby pin
Imspectin Certifaciate Warrant of fitness
Call in on us Visit with us
bangs fringe
Night stand Bedside table
cabinet closet
rug carpet
bill note
peg Hair clip


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