a) When the poet is talking about the cows and the rocks she is talking about a simile, because the poet talks about the cows stitting their wet and shiny from the rain. b) It is a simile because the poet says “as” 2.The poet is talking about a metaphor “The shed is an island […]

American english vs New Zealand english Drug store pharmacy bathrobe Dressing gown soda Soft drink Freeway motorway yard section Bay carrage pram attorney Lawyer closet wardrobe Trash can Rubbish bin Plastic wrap gladrap sidewalk footparth flipflops jandals Elementray school Primary school thumbtack Drawing pin biro pen Parking lot Car park Gaming rooms Pokie bars mpr […]

Alone we are born And die alone; Yet see the red-gold cirrus Over snow-mountain shine. Upon the upland road Ride easy, stranger: Surrender to the sky Your heart of anger The poem was set in the high country Mountains.We can tell things because when he says “Yet see the red-gold cirrus Over snow-mountain shine” he […]

1.Where/when is the story set? The Dolls house was set in the 1900s when the english arrived into New Zealand. The Story was set in a farm with a family of 4 The yellow brick road was sert in the late 80s and 90s the Maoris were driving to wellington for a new life. Is […]

The dolls house was green and yellow. It has 2 stories with 2 chimneys to keep the whanu wArm. The kelvey children are not allowed in the house.They are allowed two freinds each day. The dad is in jail, mums single and they are lower class and scums. Because she saw the lamp They are […]

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