There is a big problem in NZ with gang violence, social issues, and racism,  also there is a disconnection from society within the young Maori community. This theme is evident in the films/books Boy, by Taika Waititi, Dark horse, by James Napier Robertson, yellow brick road, by Witi Ihimaera, Wild pork, and watercress, by Barry […]

We knocked the bastard off,   Listen up kids, Sir Edmund Hillary, one of new Zealand’s greatest   Sir ed grew up in Tuakau New Zealand and soon moved to Auckland, when he was 16 he dreamed of being a young adventurer, when he went on a school trip to Ruapehu he fell in love […]

In the 2014 film “dark horse” directed by James Napier Robertson, the character mana faces scariness when his dad a gang member punches his mentally ill uncle in the face after his fellow teammate wins the Auckland chess competition. This is the scene where Manas dad punches genesis and tells him to get in the […]

Describe at least one important character in the written text. Explain how this character is revealed to you throughout the text and/or how this character helps you understand an important theme/idea in the novel. The character Ricky Baker develops as he leaves the city due to the judicial and education systems failing him.Ricky soon finds […]

A challenge faced by the character Ricky Baker in Barry Crump’s novel Wild Pork and Watercress is after Ricky’s aunt Bella dies and Ricky and Uncle Hec were hiding in the bush. This challenge helped me understand that Ricky was a persevering, independent young man who and was able to exceeded his own expectations survive numerous […]

Crump uses Ricky bakers narrative point of view to give an authentic New Zealand voice to the story. Ricky bakes is a good example of how the new Zealand language has developed differently to how the queens english is.The language features used in the story are really informal because of the slang used in young […]

a) When the poet is talking about the cows and the rocks she is talking about a simile, because the poet talks about the cows stitting their wet and shiny from the rain. b) It is a simile because the poet says “as” 2.The poet is talking about a metaphor “The shed is an island […]

American english vs New Zealand english Drug store pharmacy bathrobe Dressing gown soda Soft drink Freeway motorway yard section Bay carrage pram attorney Lawyer closet wardrobe Trash can Rubbish bin Plastic wrap gladrap sidewalk footparth flipflops jandals Elementray school Primary school thumbtack Drawing pin biro pen Parking lot Car park Gaming rooms Pokie bars mpr […]

Alone we are born And die alone; Yet see the red-gold cirrus Over snow-mountain shine. Upon the upland road Ride easy, stranger: Surrender to the sky Your heart of anger The poem was set in the high country Mountains.We can tell things because when he says “Yet see the red-gold cirrus Over snow-mountain shine” he […]

1.Where/when is the story set? The Dolls house was set in the 1900s when the english arrived into New Zealand. The Story was set in a farm with a family of 4 The yellow brick road was sert in the late 80s and 90s the Maoris were driving to wellington for a new life. Is […]