The dolls house was green and yellow. It has 2 stories with 2 chimneys to keep the whanu wArm. The kelvey children are not allowed in the house.They are allowed two freinds each day. The dad is in jail, mums single and they are lower class and scums. Because she saw the lamp They are […]

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if i had a jetpack i would fly to italy so i can see the eifle tower and eat there famous sushi

This used to be my home…Colonisation on earth today is slowly taking over the world country by country,city by city.Scientests devolping new technology to make the world “smart”.The smells of the city so sterol.Life is tough for the people who havent been colonised yet, fighting against the people,and scientists ¬†are trying to kill the human […]

  Fate,invisible and colourless.Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet fate pops up a bit.Creating the Journey and path for the two lovers Romeo and Juliet.The Prologue gives the audience a clear idea of what is going to happen throughout the play.The play takes a turn for the worst or is it better in the long […]

  Characters: Paris,Balthsar,Friar,Romeo The watchmen discover bloodstains near the tomb; they hold Balthasar and Friar Lawrence, who they discovered hanging nearby. The Prince and the Capulets enter.Romeo,juliet¬†and Paris are discovered dead in the tomb. Montague arrives, declaring that Lady Montague has died of grief for Romeo’s exile.   “Thy drugs are quick,Thus with a kiss […]

Characters: Friar john Friar Lawrence   Romeo didn’t receive the letter from Friar lawerance.He hurries back to the vault hoping that it’s not to late. “Who bare my letter to then Romeo?”

Balthasar visits Romeo to tell him that Juliet is dead.Romeo goes to an Apocthery to get poison to kill himself after he sees Juliet’s body.”To Juliet”s grave, for there i must use thee”

Lady Capulet, Nurse, Capulet,Friar Early Wednesday morning,Nurse goes to wake up Juliet but sees she is dead.Friar tells them that Juliet has gone to a better place and tells them to get ready for her funeral.Paris is very sad that she is dead.