21st March 2018

Chapter 3 other people

Crump uses Ricky bakers narrative point of view to give an authentic New Zealand voice to the story. Ricky bakes is a good example of how the new Zealand language has developed differently to how the queens english is.The language features used in the story are really informal because of the slang used in young kiws. eg farmers saying the know the” land like the back of their hand” this is a typical saying from a newzealand farmer. Also when crump referes to the social welfare as “going on the doll”.Ricky baker is very interested in nature and is very polite for his upbringing

.references to New Zealand – “going on the doll”

slang “their going bloody mad out there”,  “He’d bust a bloody anvil”, “like hell i do”, “didnt bloody need em”

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  1. Complete your analysis and write it up in to a paragraph for homework please Fergus.


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