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This used to be my home…Colonisation on earth today is slowly taking over the world country by country,city by city.Scientests devolping new technology to make the world “smart”.The smells of the city so sterol.Life is tough for the people who havent been colonised yet, fighting against the people,and scientists  are trying to kill the human race.Scerect meeting take place under the city buildings ad on the outskirts of the city.1900hours we gather on the edge of the city,the smells of the smog being produced by the factory woofts to the outskirts making it dull and grey, barren wastelands carry on for 1000 of acres outside the city.Me and other people that have not been caught and killed discuss how we could access the city without getting caught by the robots.Special planes fly round the gloomy sky,just living in these citys is so depressing.As we arrive into the  city you instantly get the feeling you are being watched,flying cars carrying captured humans screaming in desperation to be free.The captured knowing what will happen to them.The sights off the have changed so much from when i used to live her.People trying to escape the from the police begging and screaming at them not to be shot,blood dripping down his face making a puddle on the ground after the guards aggressively beat them before chucking them into the airbus and taking them to the lab.We quickly duck under an old sewage pipe before we get seen.Used nuclear waste slowly drips slowly from a pipe.As it hit the ground it sizzles burning a hole in the pavement.We carry on trying to get to the lab,to unplug the power.By doing this it will erase all the data the scientists have gathered to erase the human race.We slowly keep moving forward closer to the headquaters

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