9th March 2018

Milking Before Dawn

  1. a) When the poet is talking about the cows and the rocks she is talking about a simile, because the poet talks about the cows stitting their wet and shiny from the rain. b) It is a simile because the poet says “as”

2.The poet is talking about a metaphor “The shed is an island of light and warmth” The poet is talking about hw the morning is dark and cold and the milking shed is the only light and warm spot in the middle of the paddock.

3.The simile “its history wiped away/like the tears of a child” it is talking about the the storm has cleared and a new day has started on a fresh clean slate.

4.When the pot says “let the man in the city sleep” she is talking about how she is happy with her life and not willing to change her lifestyle.

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