26th February 2018

New Zealand Short stories

1.Where/when is the story set?

The Dolls house was set in the 1900s when the english arrived into New Zealand.

The Story was set in a farm with a family of 4

The yellow brick road was sert in the late 80s and 90s the Maoris were driving to wellington for a new life.

  1. Is the setting important to the story?

Not really

It just focuses on the problm and how they resolve it.

Yes because it is very new for the Maoris .


3.What values does the central character portray?

Kezziar is kind and loving she let the poor family in to the house.

The little boy is very privileged to realise hes better than others

Matui portrays very good values towards his family and others he wants to strive for the best.

4.What social issues does this story comment on?

1.The way the posh english think of poor other people.

2.The way the young boy sees the old man and how much more privileged he is compared to the guy

3.The story touches on how the different places the Maori have come from and how the social differences are huge in Wellington.And how they encounter racism on the way to wellington.

5.What incident made you think about this issue?

1.The incident made me think about how kelveys didnt care if the were poor and had an uncle in jail.

2.The incident made me think about how the boy thought he was a lot more privileged then the old man.

3.When the pakeha said “you maoris are all the same” it made me think about how the pakehas hadnt encountered racism before becuase of the city they came from it was mainly Maori population.

What do u think the author wanted you to feel as a result of the story?

1.Made u feel god becauss kezziar got to play with her frinds in the end.

2.Someone always has it worse then you.

3.Makes you feel sorry for the people who have it worse then you. And how it was hard for the Maoris to get into the modern socity where the pakeha had taken over.

Do you consider this to be a sucseful story?

  1. I consider th


Number 8

1.Cow cocky is colloquial language.

syntax- Great depression because the father had to pay the mortgages and the farm wasn”t going to well for the old man.

Idiamatic language- Fed up, Cleared off, Stick on, Hard done by, Better off,

Yellow brick road








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