24th July 2018

speech sir ed

We knocked the bastard off,


Listen up kids, Sir Edmund Hillary, one of new Zealand’s greatest


Sir ed grew up in Tuakau New Zealand and soon moved to Auckland, when he was 16 he dreamed of being a young adventurer, when he went on a school trip to Ruapehu he fell in love with the mountains instantly.Sir ed has always had that can do attitude in life this is what has made him successful, growing up in a small family with not very much money has made sir ed always have that drive to achieve greatness. In the early life of sir ed, he studied mathematics at the Auckland University, once he graduated he went on to become a professional beekeeper like his father. During ww2 when the Pacific islands were threatened by the Japanese sir ed went up to Fiji to protect the islands, during his time up there he was badly burnt in an accident and was returned home. When Sir ed arrived home he joined the radiant tramping club which really started to get him into Mountain airing and tramping. Sir eds climbing experience in the southern Alps and doing a lot of climbing the rugged terrain has really given him the experience needed for being a great climber.


Sir ed started off with an expedition up Mt cook in January of 1948 he ascended up it on the south side of the mountain with another mate, this was first of many adventures. Sir ed teamed up with Tenzing Norgay to be the first to summit Everest. They were both parts of the British expedition aiming to reach the summit. Tenzing and Hillary meet at a bar in Nepal. Tenzing and Hillary had a very good relationship this is why they were successful in summiting Everest. Ed had had many different partners before Tenzing and they were not successful, this is because they didn’t have a good chemistry and banter. Tenzing and Hillary set off on the 12th of April slowly getting higher and higher to acclimatize themselves to the temperature and get used to the altitude. The left the last camp at south col after a very uncomfortable night, they left at the freezing chill of dawn and 5 hours later at 11.30am sir ed who had been in front of Tenzing stepped onto the summit of Everest. Sir Ed even had said to himself “We didn’t know if it was humanly possible to reach the top of Mt. Everest. And even using oxygen as we were, if we did get to the top, we weren’t at all sure whether we wouldn’t drop dead or something of that nature.”


Sir ed and Tenzing took the view in once they had paid their respects to the mountain they took a piss on top of the highest point on earth. After he returned from the climb people would describe ed as a humble beekeeper that caught the world’s attention through an amazing climb. Sir Ed demonstrated that anyone can achieve their dreams if they put their mind to it, also it shows that achieving one dream can open up new platforms for other dreams. This is done very well by new Zealanders this is why they are very successful and hard working. After climbing Everest he decided to return to Nepal to start the Himalayan trust which helps build schools as well as helping the sherpas, Sir ed epitomizes the New Zealand bloke with his determination and hard work.

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